One of my favorite online activities is the discussion of photography and (often very loosely) related subjects over at PDML. A thread last March made me want to take pictures of daisies to serve as examples to support a point I was trying to make on the subject of nothing less than Art Itself. Unfortunately, this far north (and with a cool spring) they’ve been hard to come by. But I found some.


I’d posted some other shots of flowers, acknowledging that they were steeped in cliché. This provoked a polite storm of only moderately-cynical argument, in which one gentleman offered “I think about the retirement home with little old ladies taking oil paint lessons so that they can do still life paintings of daisies.” Since then I’ve been hell-bent on making a still-life of some daisies.


This probably isn’t it, since the subjects of Still Lives are often inanimate not to mention dead, and these here daisies were swaying briskly in the wind and drinking in the sun. But still, I’ve been hunting these little suckers for months, so here they are.


Now I have to remember what it was I was trying to say about Art.


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From: John Kapotten (Aug 05 2011, at 14:37)

All that trouble to find daisies, only to forget what you wanted to say. Happens to me al lot. But now of course, I'm interested in what it is you wanted to say.


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