Just because I’ve run pictures of this plant... [Enough! -Ed.] As I was saying, just an opening rose.

Royal Sunset rose blossom, not open yet
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Royal Sunset rose blossom, not open yet

Yeah, I photograph this plant too much. But when my little girl asks me “what’s your favorite color?” I say “Apricot.”

Back in 2000, I was hit by a car while bicycling and spent an unpleasant number of unpleasant days in hospital being reconstructed. The combination of the morphine and pain and I-don’t-know-what led to some surprising dreams, including one that I remember to this day: of a long argument in a villa on the Côte d’Azur in an upstairs room, windows open wide to the sun and breezes, painted a color something like this.


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From: John Slattery (Jun 14 2011, at 06:11)

I like the crescendo of focus and vibrancy traveling up the petals in the second image. The upper edges of the petals really pop.


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