Reading the tech news of the day, I was moved to sneer at one story, and the Internet piled on in a way that gave me a few chances to snicker, so here they are. [Warning: Adult language.]

I tweeted: “I mean, it's just fucking coupons. #amIcrazyOrAreTheyCrazy”.

Selected responses:

  • @datcatisfat: “No, it's like a ponzi scheme”.

  • @hfiguiere: “I have some coupons for Bubble 2.0. $10 buys you plenty of steam. :-)”

  • @coneslayer: “They are. If your whole business consists of taking in $10 and paying out $5, and you can't turn a profit...”

  • @codinghorror: “HOLY SHIT DID YOU SAY COUPONS?”

  • @getwired: “But these are REALLY, REALLY GOOD coupons. #notreally”

  • @lawmerr: “groupon serves mini escapism to the hard up proletariat dirt cheap by exploiting soft demand to nail desperate merchants. Gods work”

  • @JMBucknall: “Built on top of coupons, and coupons all the way down.”

  • @philtor: “Oh, but it combines coupons with social networking which means it's full of rainbows and unicorns and magic!”

  • @calliemiller: “Bubble watch. Dutch tulips in disguise.”

  • @LyndaVV: “It's SocialMarketing with the coupons being the hook in the form of a precieved deal”

Not all of them are jokes. I think.

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June 02, 2011
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