Today is Monday; four weeks from the week of Google IO. What happened was, I liked it last year and told everyone “Hey, I’d like to work on IO” and they said yes. So you won’t be hearing much from me between now and then except for maybe a few pictures, because you’ve always got time to shoot when you have a new lens; today’s are close-ups from the Bugdroid surgical facility.

Those little Bugdroid dolls are cool but they’re really not robust enough for young children to use as toys. That’s OK because We Have The Technology.

Bugdroid surgery
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Bugdroid surgery
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Bugdroid surgery

Oh, yes, Google IO. I’m doing a noticeable amount of the work on the Android-related content, and the developer showcase, and the official Android IO app. Which turns out, in aggregate, to be too much. But hey, it’ll be over a month from now.

Surgical credit: Dr. Lauren Wood.


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From: Dominic Mitchell (Apr 11 2011, at 09:57)

I love the transparent-leafy-mat you're working on. Do you have a link for that?


From: Ross Reedstrom (Apr 23 2011, at 12:20)

Dominic -

I'm pretty sure that's a leaf pattern table cloth, w/ a semitransparent placemat over it. We've got similar ones (actually, IKEA plastic desk pad) in the kitchen protecting the table where my boys eat/play/create. I agree nice visual effect, though.


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