This is BC Place, where the Canadian Football team plays and the really big concerts happen. It’s never been very nice under the vast dingy inflated roof, and the concert sound is reliably putrid. So they’re making the roof retractable, and I went by while the sun was setting behind the project.

BC Place remodeling with the sun behind it

I think the new building promises, once all the construction crud has been removed, a surprising elegance. And it has to be better the beige visual splodge it’s replacing.


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From: Eoghan Hayes (Apr 05 2011, at 03:05)

As fugly as the dome was from the inside, it was a pretty iconic part of the Vancouver skyline; I hope the new version contributes visually from the outside too!

Former (and maybe future) Vancouverite


From: Martin (Apr 05 2011, at 05:17)

May Vancouver be blessed with a REAL retractable roof... unlike Montreal's Olympic Stadium...


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