Week ending Sunday 2011/03/13

Monday 01:14 · @ingenthr Your question would be faster and better if chopped at the comma [Original, responding to @ingenthr.]

Monday 08:15 · Whining and bitching about playing music: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2011/03/06/Music-Bitch [Original.]

Monday 08:32 · Tons of super-intelligent comments on my music-player-woes piece. [Original.]

Monday 11:58 · Erudite commentary continues to flow in on that music-infrastructure post. [Original.]

Monday 19:12 · The Rise of the Tablet and the Innevitable Death of the Netbook blog.radioactiveyak.com/2011/03/rise-of-tablet-and-innevitable-death-of.html [Original.]

Monday 20:31 · @brentsimmons Need some more heroin haggardness round the eyes there for that real bohemian thing. [Original, responding to @brentsimmons.]

Monday 21:00 · @nelson s/where the/whose/. But in fact Mark's a better writer than either you or I. [Original, responding to @nelson.]

Monday 22:25 · BillG is really so much better for the world when he does philanthropy (very well) rather than software (not very well): www.reuters.com/article/2011/03/08/us-wealth-gates-philanthropy-idUSTRE72668V20110308 [Original.]

Monday 22:32 · First-rate Vancouver political bunfight liveblog: www.vancouverobserver.com/blogs/politicaljunkie/2011/03/07/live-blogging-casino-public-hearing-city-council Meseems the well-oiled casino boosters face a buzz-saw. [Original.]

Tuesday 09:21 · Birds by Heather Cash www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2011/03/07/Art-by-Heather-Cash [Original.]

Tuesday 11:16 · I think I'd like to go see a Canucks game. Scalpers the bet bet? Other good ways to get tix? [Original.]

Tuesday 16:34 · Photos of the sun: www.avertedimagination.com/sun_1.htm [Original.]

Tuesday 20:58 · The current crop of small cameras: img199.imageshack.us/img199/7691/sizezm.jpg [Original.]

Tuesday 21:26 · @sadjester Haven't tried any but the Canon S90 (since superseded by the S95) and I'm very happy. Lots of pix by it at www.tbray.org/ongoing/What/Arts/Photos/ [Original, responding to @sadjester.]

Wednesday 09:00 · Nifty snapshot of the state of Web APIs, with pie charts: blog.programmableweb.com/2011/03/08/3000-web-apis/ [Original.]

Wednesday 09:07 · HTML5 audio ouch: www.phoboslab.org/log/2011/03/the-state-of-html5-audio [Original.]

Wednesday 16:13 · Upgrading to NetNewsWire light because @brentsimmons says it's better. Giving up on syncing (which was glitchy anyhow). [Original.]

Wednesday 19:09 · Hey Engadget, please check android-developers.blogspot.com/2010/12/android-browser-user-agent-issues.html you're ugly on Xoom. [Original.]

Thursday 08:28 · Between Stones: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2011/03/09/Parable [Original.]

Thursday 08:31 · Where the money goes: www.stateofworkingamerica.org/pages/interactive#/?start=1971&end=2008 Unsurprising but shocking. [Original.]

Thursday 10:44 · Lost some browser tabs (sob). Looking for a recent piece in the hashbang debate that talked about Google maps. Link? Thanks in advance. [Original.]

Thursday 11:20 · @gklyne Aha! Actually, it was Noah's blog piece that was linked there. Muchas Gracias! [Original, responding to @gklyne.]

Thursday 11:29 · Thanks @f3ew @gklyne it's blog.arcanedomain.com/2011/03/identifying-documents-in-web-applications/ [Original, responding to @f3ew.]

Thursday 11:32 · RT @mattcutts: Today we're adding the ability to block sites directly to Google's search results: googleblog.blogspot.com/2011/03/hide-sites-to-find-more-of-what-you.html Yay! [Original.]

Thursday 12:05 · @segphault On the other hand, the Linux mobile-top is in excellent health. [Original, responding to @segphault.]

Thursday 12:06 · RT @headius: I'm happy to announce that JRuby 1.6 has been confirmed working well on Android. Ruboto will start using it soon. [Original.]

Thursday 13:14 · Last week to submit talks to Northern Voice; I'll be there. 2011.northernvoice.ca/ [Original.]

Thursday 20:35 · This makes me sad: www.w3.org/TR/exi/ [Original.]

Thursday 22:30 · For some reason, the songs from Jethro Tull's "Benefit" are playing in the back of my head. [Original.]

Thursday 22:34 · Current Dessert Snapshot: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2011/03/10/Desserts [Original.]

Thursday 22:37 · Video feeds suggest Tokyo not too badly hammered. *grateful* [Original.]

Thursday 22:55 · Google peeps in Tokyo office OK aside from no elevator. [Original.]

Thursday 23:05 · Miyagi getting hammered something awful [Original.]

Thursday 23:43 · Hard to imagine Tokyo with trains not running. [Original.]

Thursday 23:52 · Map of population density and epicenter: www.538host.com/japaneq.png via @fivethirtyeight [Original.]

Friday 00:17 · RT @googleearth: Google Person Finder launched for Japan Earthquake & Tsunami victims. japan.person-finder.appspot.com/?lang=ja [Original.]

Friday 00:29 · Trains not running in Tokyo... they take 12 million people back and forth every day. Gonna be a lot of sore feet. [Original.]

Friday 10:12 · @shita Glad to hear it; Hope you managed to get home. Lots of people sleeping in offices I hear. [Original, responding to @shita.]

Friday 10:13 · @tenderlove Doesn't it make the code *run* faster too? That's what I always thought. [Original, responding to @tenderlove.]

Friday 12:02 · Google productivity sagging as everyone plays just-released Air Attack HD on the Xoom: [Original.]

Friday 14:37 · Big day in Twitter history, seems t'me: [Original.]

Friday 14:45 · Indicative that Twitter made that announcement in the easiest-to-ignore late-Friday slot. [Original.]

Friday 15:16 · RT @vambenepe: The Twitter Politburo released the five-year plan. Rejoice comrades! [Original.]

Friday 15:32 · @chanezon You're assuming you have to own it to monetize it. Perhaps, but not self-evident. [Original, responding to @chanezon.]

Friday 17:57 · @danielpunkass I thought everybody who blogged, blogged on WordPress. No? [Original, responding to @danielpunkass.]

Friday 17:58 · @jimgris I gather you got home, then. Good to hear from you. [Original, responding to @jimgris.]

Friday 19:21 · @koush My email addresses are really easy to find [Original, responding to @koush.]

Friday 21:27 · @nearwalden Google does. [Original, responding to @nearwalden.]

Friday 22:15 · Editing Wikipedia: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sagrada_Fam%C3%ADlia#Interior [Original.]

Saturday 09:07 · @nearwalden Adwords and Adsense are delivered through browsers that we don't control. Ad delivery doesn't require fine-grained control. [Original, responding to @nearwalden.]

Saturday 13:17 · @nearwalden My assumption has always been that Twitter would start inserting ads in the stream. But fair point, we don't know yet. [Original, responding to @nearwalden.]

Saturday 20:09 · @nearwalden If I were were Twitter, I'd have a 1-line client TOS: Don't mess with our ads. [Original, responding to @nearwalden.]

Saturday 20:53 · RT @laurendw: Some good technical information about the risks from the Fukushima nuclear plant bravenewclimate.com/2011/03/12/japan-nuclear-earthquake/ (via @james_clark) [Original.]

Sunday 12:01 · Lessons learned from the Feedly for Android beta 1: blog.feedly.com/2011/03/13/lessons-learned-from-the-feedly-for-android-beta-1/ Good stuff! [Original.]

Sunday 12:10 · My feeling that Obama's heart's in the right place is fading fast over things like www.time.com/time/nation/article/0,8599,2058340,00.html and www.politico.com/news/stories/0311/51197.html [Original.]

Sunday 13:51 · From @bwjones, a list of charities at work in Japan : prometheus.med.utah.edu/~bwjones/2011/03/opportunities-to-help-japan/ [Original.]

Sunday 17:33 · @chadfowler You know, there's a song title in there. "My Old Kentucky Phone"... [Original, responding to @chadfowler.]

Sunday 21:31 · Fish and baubles: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2011/03/13/Fish-and-Baubles [Original.]

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