The fact that this isn’t posted on is a bug, I’d say. If you’re going to be doing any Android programming, you really need to get Reto Meier’s Professional Android 2 Application Development. Yeah, he works for Google (same group as me) so I’m prejudiced. Whatever. For the moment, Reto’s book is the Bible.


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From: Janne (Apr 12 2010, at 18:41)

Thanks for the heads-up. However, for the time being 1.5/1.6 is probably the best realistic baseline to code for, so I'm not really sure about the value of a book covering Android only from a 2.x perspective if you want to deploy your code widely. Right now it may be better to study documents based on 1.6 or so, and use 2.x features only when there is no avoiding it.

In another year or so this may well be different of course.


From: Chad Colgur (Apr 15 2010, at 09:32)

Any plans for/availability of a digital version? Notice Amazon has not Kindle-ized.


From: William Sullivan (Apr 21 2010, at 19:10)

I prefer technical books as ebook, too, so I did a little digging. The book seems to be available as a PDF from the publisher, Wrox. They seem to be selling it without any DRM, too.

(Reference for the DRM-free claim: )


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