Assignment for Dailyshoot 96 on 2010/02/19: “Symbols can be simple, ornate, plain, or colorful. Make a photo of a symbol that represents or stands for something else.”

Green Arrows

The glyph is on the side of a van, advertising its recycling-and-junk-removal function. This seems to have become a big business in every city; maybe we should buy less junk.


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From: Ed Davies (Feb 20 2010, at 02:51)

"Make a photo of a symbol that represents or stands for something else."

A trickier assignment would be to make a photo of a symbol which does not represent or stand for something else. Perhaps you could find a symbol which represents or stands for itself, though none spring to my mind immediately.


From: Hub (Feb 20 2010, at 08:01)

As for junk, also it comes in relation to the garbage collection policy set in the city. For example, back east, living in a row house, the city would collect junk put at the curb. Here in Van, in the condo, the strata only take care of the regular garbage and recycling, and big pieces are not allowed. So that where you have to call in one of these companies (so there is a business for that)

But I agree we should buy less junk. Definitely.


From: Tony Fisk (Feb 21 2010, at 04:15)

The old mantra: 'reduce, re-use, recycle' comes straight off a powerpoint slide, I'm sure!

I've long wondered how we'd react if the order were reversed, so that the spoken emphasis was on 'reduce' (ie last word said)

What might this ubiquitous symbol look like then?


From: Colin Prince (Feb 22 2010, at 08:56)

Yes, I've often been struck by the emphasis in our town's waste reduction literature on the amount of stuff that you put out for recycling.

For example a recycling box filled up with soda bottles, product packaging, cans is presented as a positive image.

The implied lesson is: the more of these you can produce, the better person you are.

Sure this is better than putting this stuff in landfill but the mixed message remains.

I guess it's harder to take a happy picture of a bunch of stuff I *didn't* buy in the first place.


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