Assignment for Dailyshoot 87 on 2010/02/10: “We all have some sort of hobby or favorite activity. Make a photo that shows something you enjoy doing. (via @azmichelle)”

Djembé (detail)

Imported from Guinea in West Africa by Russell Shumsky. It sounds excellent but could sound better still were I a better and more dedicated drummer.


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From: spw (Feb 12 2010, at 11:00)

Sorry to ask - but is there a way to filter your technical bits from your artistic bytes (photos++ ) perhaps a tag or hint in the title - (50K subscribers *

345K Bytes for a picture of a cat seems wasteful)


From: Alex Waterhouse-Hayward (Feb 12 2010, at 12:18)

I too have a blog but mine does not have the impressive readership of ongoing. Unlike Mr. Bray I am not capable of protecting myself from those who comment so my blog is comment free. My friend Simon Ogden

says that a real blog has to be both ways. I strongly disagree as a blog (a contraction of web log) is really a personal diary. We who blog and make our personal thoughts and experiences public and I guess we invite others to look in.

The technical blogs in ongoing are usually way over my head but I do understand some of it and I fell lucky to be able to read what is usually not to be found in our conventional media. Ongoing gives us a look behind (literally and figuratively) into the language of computers and the engines that keep the web in place.

If Mr. Bray wants to show us his pictures we can opt to look at them or not. It is up to us, we who enter ongoing, to decide if any particular fragment is to our liking or not.

Alex Waterhouse-Hayward


From: Alan Hargreaves (Feb 12 2010, at 15:49)

Well Tim, next time you are out in Australia we shall have to get you out to a (going tonight myself) and you can sit in on a drum jam.



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