Alison was Lauren’s mother; see Mum’s gone and Coming to Terms.

She was a New Zealander, had lived in Scotland, Germany, and Australia, but had settled in Saskatchewan. I’d like to publish a substantial write-up, but this just happened so that’ll take some time to pull together. In the meantime, here’s a picture.

Alison wood with two herefords in Saskatchewan

Alison would tell you that she preferred the company of animals to people, but she was very kind to people too; helpful and giving whenever she thought someone needed it.

We’ll miss her. Rather, we’ve already missed her for a while now, since the dementia took her away.


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From: Neil Tubb (Oct 30 2009, at 17:30)

Very sorry for your and your wife's loss.


From: Don (Oct 30 2009, at 22:17)

My condolences. It's such a hard thing to lose a parent - but it appears Alison left you much to take with you on your journey.

God speed.


From: Len Lynch (Nov 01 2009, at 22:54)

Memory Eternal, Memory Eternal, Memory Eternal


From: len (Nov 02 2009, at 06:43)

Our condolences, Lauren and Tim. It's very hard to lose a parent, I know.


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