Week ending Sunday 2009/09/06

Monday 06:40 · Mobile-market heroin for data junkies: metrics.admob.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/AdMob-Mobile-Metrics-July-09.pdf (PDF) [Original.]

Monday 06:43 · Mis-filed Mom's coffee grinder while cleaning up last night. Family implosion imminent unless found fast. Popularity falling fast. [Original.]

Monday 11:34 · An outburst of legal sanity: blogs.sun.com/webmink/entry/mine_all_mine_theirs_too [Original.]

Monday 17:04 · Interesting insight on US health-care politics: www.prwatch.org/node/7986 [Original.]

Monday 20:51 · Good God, the Ars Technica Snow Leopard review has 23 pages. Anyone want to summarize in a Tweet? [Original.]

Tuesday 07:05 · New Twidroid is very blue. [Original.]

Tuesday 08:15 · Why are public WiFi login pages so excruciatingly sluggish? Never seen one that was snappy. [Original.]

Tuesday 22:32 · Working furiously on www.rubyworld-conf.org/en/ preso, no idea who if any is coming, feel I owe 'em a show though. [Original.]

Wednesday 09:53 · @wingedpig Also, there's Aquamacs, a very nice well-Mac-integrated emacs. [Original, responding to @wingedpig.]

Wednesday 10:31 · The fact that www.boring.com exists always makes me smile. [Original.]

Wednesday 11:30 · Hey @caseyf, do me a favor. [Original.]

Wednesday 15:41 · Dear LazyWeb: An assertion based on anecdotal evidence. I don't see any Rubyists hurting for work. Agree/disagree? [Original.]

Wednesday 17:36 · 343 years ago today was a really bad day: www.pepysdiary.com/archive/1666/09/02/ [Original.]

Wednesday 22:31 · Shipped the doc I've been slaving over for days. Maybe a little light blogging or something now. [Original.]

Thursday 07:27 · Fucking EU. [Original.]

Thursday 07:38 · Practical knowledge management: www.1060.org/blogxter/entry?publicid=8A30C37C9D7FDE9F7B22724076EB8E0B [Original.]

Thursday 09:06 · Ravelry: 430K knit/crochet folk, 10M Rails requests/day, 20M+ posts, 1 developer: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2009/09/02/Ravelry [Original.]

Thursday 13:54 · Go to page number. Obvious once you hear the idea: info.org.il/english/spoken_directions_to_web_content.html [Original.]

Thursday 14:05 · Cloud API epistemology: "An image is a platonic form of a machine." deltacloud.org/api.html [Original.]

Thursday 21:41 · Hey, if the iPhone 3GS is selling briskly in Japan, does that mean they have GSM there now? [Original.]

Thursday 21:55 · The Oracle of Brussels: online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052970204731804574390512306888466.html (via @mreinhold) [Original.]

Thursday 22:30 · The language requires a word for the feeling that goes with knowing one will fly to Asia on the next day. Some thrill remains. [Original.]

Thursday 23:04 · So my Android probably won't work in Japan, and if it did the roaming would be megabucks. Better to rent a basic phone at Narita. [Original.]

Friday 08:42 · The "Digimat"; yummmmmm. theonlinephotographer.typepad.com/the_online_photographer/2009/09/the-digimat.html [Original.]

Friday 11:27 · Riding the new Canada line to the airport [Original.]

Friday 12:27 · Wow, hundred-year-old *color* photos from Russia; especially check out photo 5. www.newsweek.com/id/214585 [Original.]

Friday 12:39 · Watched CNN during haircut this morning. Krugman (krugman.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/09/04/a-strange-madness/) is right; there's a serious basic-political-sanity problem in the US. [Original.]

Friday 13:34 · There are some remarkably stupid things being written about this EU process. [Original.]

Friday 13:37 · AC 003: YVR-NRT, snagged an upgrade yee-hah. See you on the other side. [Original.]

Saturday 01:08 · Coasting into Tokyo at sunset. The Android works fine. [Original.]

Saturday 05:59 · Snowy, I don't think we're in Kansas any more. [Original.]

Saturday 15:46 · @avibryant I hear grumbling about the EP-1 autofocus; what's your experience? [Original, responding to @avibryant.]

Saturday 15:49 · Wondering why Internet in a basic hotel in a remote corner of Japan is so much faster than in expensive California hotel. [Original.]

Saturday 16:16 · Music and Money: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2009/08/23/On-Music [Original.]

Saturday 16:18 · @al3x All software is buggy and insecure and awful. There tends to be more transparency around OSS, and a better process. [Original, responding to @al3x.]

Saturday 18:55 · Matsue castle twitpic.com/gnq2l [Original.]

Sunday 02:01 · Table of camera sensor sizes, very useful: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image_sensor_format [Original.]

Sunday 16:55 · Show about to begin twitpic.com/gs5qu [Original.]

Sunday 18:20 · Gov. Mizoguchi of Shimane says "come visit". He's got a point. It's nice here. [Original.]

Sunday 18:31 · Matsue has a nearby nuclear power plant, so power is cheap, they say. #RWC2009 [Original.]

Sunday 18:45 · MITI is putting on an open-source event in Tokyo Oct 19-21 with Matz, Linus, & Jim Zemlin. #RWC2009 [Original.]

Sunday 21:46 · #RWC2009 discussion on standardization of Ruby. JTC1's name has been dropped. My feelings profoundly mixed. [Original.]

Sunday 22:14 · Two panelists twittering, one sleeping. [Original.]

Sunday 22:52 · These people have the best will in the world, but this slide makes my heart sink twitpic.com/gtj2g [Original.]


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From: Preston L. Bannister (Sep 12 2009, at 20:15)

Just my opinion - but I find this form of presentation quite annoying. The fragmentary nature feels as if you do not value the attention of readers enough to put thoughts into coherent form.

Then again, while still playing, I have not as yet found Twitter engaging.

My 2¢ worth.


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