The management of The Tyrrell are obviously quite taken with this dinosaur since it appears extensively in the crowd-pleasing lifesize models outside before which tourists pose in a hearteningly cheery way. I can’t remember what it’s called, but this fossil skeleton is featured in the main display hall with a combination of lighting and positioning effects so obviously designed to be scary that I had to try to go with the flow. I’m thinking Sigourney Weaver.

Scary dinosaur fossil skull at the Tyrrell

First person to identify this beast gets a glowing link here.


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From: BWJones (Jul 18 2009, at 22:56)



From: Serge K. Keller (Jul 18 2009, at 23:00)

I may be wrong, not having seen the skeleton in *D glory, but it looks a lot like a Chasmosaurus (

Very nice pic, BTW, indeed some Giger material in there!


From: Adam Wulf (Jul 18 2009, at 23:30)

It's a Chasmosaurus :) I really enjoy your blog, keep it up!


From: Neville (Jul 18 2009, at 23:36)

A horned dinosaur skeleton


From: Vivien Denis (Jul 19 2009, at 00:02)

Hi !

I vote for a chasmosaurus. But maybe it's a trap...

You have an interesting site :)


From: Divya Manian (Jul 19 2009, at 00:26)

I bet it is a skeleton that inspired the Alien. Pity no dino is around to claim copyright violation.

(Incidentally, the Alien at the Science Fiction Museum in Seattle is FREAKIN scary).


From: anon (Jul 19 2009, at 18:59)

That's a dino alright - the Concorde SST! :)


From: John Kordyback (Jul 19 2009, at 21:07)

I once slept in the main exhibit area at the Tyrell with my son's Cub Scout troop. I woke up in the middle of the night in the dim light and looked up and saw a T. Rex leaning over me.

I know they died out about 60 million years ago, but they still give us primal fear.


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