I read Tuesday’s story of the joint suicide of Joan and Edward Downes. I’m sure this story touched many hearts, whatever we think of the ethical issues. Early this morning I was driving the kids around and they played a tune I’d never heard called I’ll Follow You Into the Dark. It’s a lovely song — at once melodious, witty, and sad — and it comes from exactly the same place as the story of the Downes’ death. This week there’s an extra chance it’ll tug at your heart as it did mine.

It turns out to be by Death Cab for Cutie, a band I’ve generally ignored on account of their having a lame name. You might want to give it a listen, there are plenty of videos online. The band’s site has a couple, but you might want to start with the words & music and this live recording.


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From: Doug Winter (Jul 16 2009, at 10:44)

I too was greatly touched by the joint suicide of Sir Edward and Lady Downes.

Until I saw what they had named their children.

Caractacus and Boudicca.


From: Bob Aman (Jul 16 2009, at 11:52)

Same band, similar thought, "What Sarah Said".


From: Pavel (Jul 16 2009, at 11:54)

It's a great song indeed, and the band is definitely worth checking out despite what you think of the name!


From: Dominic Mitchell (Jul 16 2009, at 12:17)

“Death cab for cutie” was a Bonzo Dogs song originally…



From: Mark Volkmann (Jul 16 2009, at 14:23)

I'll throw out another recommendation to check out more songs from Deathcab For Cutie ... one of my favorite bands. Unfortunately the lead singer is dating Zoey Dechannel now. I think he is happy. We all know happy people don't make good music. ;-)


From: Justin Watt (Jul 16 2009, at 17:01)

Most people just shorten the name to "Death Cab", which puts a whole nother twist on things.

Album-wise, I would recommend starting with Transatlanticism and then moving on to Plans. Excellent, excellent listenable stuff.

Also worth mentioning is that their guitarist, Chris Walla, is an accomplished producer in his own right, helping to shape some excellent albums in the indie scene.



From: Chris Tinning (Jul 17 2009, at 01:17)

Thanks for that. An emotional counterpoint to the discussion about the ethics I was having last night.


From: johnmani (Jul 17 2009, at 10:00)

Somehow this reminded of me of the 'assisted' suicide trips in P.D James's Children of Men.


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