I was editing some pictures (which I organize per-month) and realized that there were a ton in the June folder that I’d been meaning to run, and now it’s not June. So let’s populate the first few days of July with some of ’em. First, musical faces of Car-Free Vancouver Day.

The first is self-explanatory.

Harpists at Car-Free Vancouver Day

The second is a few blocks north; DRMHLLR, a spacey sort of jam band, was playing really loud. I was pushing my little toddlergirl and she’s usually pretty sensitive, always telling me to turn down the rock & roll in the car. But as we rolled up she seemed fascinated, so I bashed a couple of bystanders with the stroller to get a front-row spot. She just leaned back and went with the groove; I have high hopes for the girl.

DRMHLLR performs at Car-Free Vancouver Day

That Car-Free day, it’s OK by me. This is on Main and there were thousands and thousands of people there; interesting shopping, good eats, cool beats, and fun people to look at.

The glass on that parchment had broken in transit, so I’d dropped it off at a framing shop on Main for repairs. I wheeled my ice-cream-stained daughter out of the crowd into the shop, and he told me he’d done a huge amount of walk-in business and spent the rest of the day enjoying the show. What’s not to like? Can we do this every month in the summer?

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