The kinds of balls that go on the ends of cables hanging from cranes I mean; don’t even know what they’re called. These particular balls and cables and cranes are on the Ground Zero site in lower Manhattan.

Ground Zero Balls
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Ground Zero Balls

You don’t realize how big it is till you walk around it.


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From: John Cowan (Mar 20 2009, at 14:19)

I call them wrecking balls.


From: Speed (Mar 20 2009, at 15:14)

They're called "overhaul balls."

" ... overhaul balls supply the downfall weight necessary to counter bearing friction and winch-to-boom-tip line weight."


From: Jeff Dairiki (Mar 24 2009, at 09:36)

I've always heard them referred to as "Headache Balls".


From: len (Mar 25 2009, at 12:16)

Ground Zero Balls. Good name for a band. Bad product for a butcher.


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