Gosh, it seems like I’m not writing anything here about Web tech or servers or clouds or programming. That’s because I’m in the unusual position of not being able to talk about what I’m working on. But not for long; unless something goes terribly wrong we’ll be able to decloak some things at CommunityOne East on the 18th in Manhattan. People who know my opinions will be unsurprised I think. But they might well be pleased. This Cloud thing; the hype is beyond extreme but there really is a there there, I’m pretty sure.


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From: John (Mar 06 2009, at 13:24)

There is a there there, but not as much as many would have us believe.


From: J. King (Mar 06 2009, at 15:35)

"People who know my opinions will be unsurprised I think."

Oh, I don't know: I'm pretty surprised you think, Tim. ;) Seriously, though, now I'm all excited.


From: len (Mar 09 2009, at 06:56)

I'm waiting to see cloud proponents respond to the NIST SP 800 series for security. They can but it isn't a trivial exercise. It will be doubly tough for those who build websites with tools that hide the low-level REST or AJAX interfaces.


From: Katelyn Cole (Mar 09 2009, at 10:16)

Okay, that worked. You have us all holding out breath until you dribble out a little more!!!!! Keep it coming.


From: Austin Cheney (Mar 12 2009, at 14:01)

Silence is nice as it is inherently non-damaging. It can however breed impatience if the end result of the thing protected by that silence is not not explicitly known or communicated by those who do know.


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