“It started as an offhand suggestion of the kind that appears so frequently on mailing lists.” I mean the PDML Photo Annual 2008-2009. Originally I didn’t know how seriously to take it, but this is a lovely little story with a happy ending.

Cover of the PDML Photo Annual 2008-2009

For a little background both on the book and the list it came from, see Mike Johnson’s Pentax Photographers Have Some More Fun. I’d add that these pictures were taken just for the love of the thing in and of itself; the only really good reason. Their ending up in an apparently (don’t have my copy yet) lovely book is an unplanned extra; another is the 100% of bottom line going to the National Childhood Cancer Foundation. Hey, you can get a poster of the cover, too.

I’d like to underline Mike Johnson’s point that PDML is an example of low-pressure high-pleasure online community that sorta Just Works.

When I get my copy, I’ll refresh this with an actual review of the actual book which, since it includes two of my photos and a funny soundbite, will be hopelessly biased.

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February 14, 2009
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