Gerry is a geek’s geek. He’s simultaneously a Free Software enthusiast and a first-rate Windows hacker, which can be a useful combination. Speaking of useful combinations, how about German and US passports; Gerry’s about to become an American.

Gerry’s blog is Web Services Contraptions and his I’m-on-the-market post is at Rollercoaster Week.

[Background:] Sun (along with a lot of the rest of the high-tech sector) started shrinking its workforce. It seems that we’re axing whole projects rather than trying to spread the pain evenly. I totally support this approach, but the downside is that we lose good people who were working on projects that turn out not to be good investments for Sun in these tough times. So I’m going to use this blog to highlight people that I think smart employers out there should be looking at.

If you’re another Stray Sunbeam, publish something for me to link to and drop me a line.

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January 23, 2009
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