It’s days like these that make it fun working for Sun. The new server’s official name is the T5440; they call it a “mid-range” box, but to me it looks like a monster; count the numbers for cores, threads, RAM, and so on. It’s astounding what you can fit into a 4U box these days.

T5540, top view
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T5440, inside view

There’s an official launch event, but if you want the real poop, you need to start at Allan Packer’s blog, where he’s aggregating technical contributions from a bunch of the engineers who actually, you know, built this thing.
[Update: Oops, removed misleading RAM claim. Sorry.]


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From: John Hart (Oct 13 2008, at 09:52)

Looks like this maxes out a 512GB of RAM per box - maybe you were looking at the "4TB of RAM per rack" stat?


From: David Smith (Oct 14 2008, at 06:14)

Even if the "T" is 0.5 T, that's an awesome piece of machinery!

Now, how can I create a need for one, right away!

I'll have to get back to you on that...


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