Week ending Sunday 2008/06/29

Monday 9:28 · @twleung It's carrying that D3 that's destroying your body. [Original, responding to @twleung.]

Monday 10:16 · Beautiful Cubs/Sox outside-the-park photo-essay: pdml.net/pipermail/pdml_pdml.net/2008-June/130526.html [Original.]

Monday 11:55 · Shit, loss of cooling pressure in one of the big Sun campuses, need to shut down tons o' servers. [Original.]

Monday 15:09 · @webmink In fact, air conditioning for humans *is* illegal in Zürich. OK for computers though. Find a server room to sack out in. [Original, responding to @webmink.]

Monday 15:20 · Need to do my regular plug for Epiphany Radio, www.epiphanyradio.org/ - outstandingly beautiful audio wallpaper. [Original.]

Monday 15:46 · I only very rarely need the whiteboard in my office. But when I need it, I really need it. [Original.]

Monday 17:00 · @andigutmans Of course, if Perl stopped working tomorrow, the web would grind to a halt :) [Original, responding to @andigutmans.]

Monday 17:01 · @andigutmans Perl is past its prime but doesn't get nearly enough credit for being influential. IMHO more historically important than Lisp. [Original, responding to @andigutmans.]

Monday 17:09 · Hey, WD-40 has its own website: www.wd40.com/ and Wikipedia entry en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WD-40 [Original.]

Monday 17:09 · WD-40 at Snopes: www.snopes.com/inboxer/household/wd-40.asp [Original.]

Monday 17:09 · With WD-40 I could defeat Chuck Norris. [Original.]

Monday 23:17 · @groby Python implementation more mature & faster. Ruby a more innovative language design, will affect your thinking more. [Original, responding to @groby.]

Monday 23:19 · @shanselman I understand certain illegal narcotics help. [Original, responding to @shanselman.]

Tuesday 10:22 · Neave TV: www.neave.com/television/ [Original.]

Tuesday 11:01 · XML Fever: www.oreillynet.com/xml/blog/2008/06/xml_fever.html?CMP=OTC-TY3388567169&ATT=XML+Fever - mostly harmless [Original.]

Tuesday 13:04 · What Joe was really singing: www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4_MsrsKzMM [Original.]

Tuesday 19:53 · Ricoh GX200: theonlinephotographer.typepad.com/the_online_photographer/2008/06/ricoh-gx200.html and www.ricoh.com/r_dc/gx/gx200/ fast RAW=good, more megapixels=FAIL. Pocket cam w/ accessories, how odd: www.ricoh.com/r_dc/gx/gx200/option.html [Original.]

Tuesday 23:08 · Pardon a Google-fanboy moment: search for "Euro 2008" and check out the first result. [Original.]

Wednesday 12:03 · [snuck home to watch the Euro2008]... Germany looks shaky and sloppy, half-asleep [Original.]

Wednesday 12:10 · Nothing against Germany, but you gotta love a scrappy underdog. [Original.]

Wednesday 12:42 · Hey, OpenMoko ships. I'd love it if they turned out to be good. [Original.]

Wednesday 15:05 · Urgh, NetBeans has suddenly started thrashing on me editing a big BIG .c file. Never happened before. [Original.]

Wednesday 17:07 · Registered for OSCON. They want me to join a Facebook group. That feels all wrong, somehow. [Original.]

Wednesday 21:20 · @dsifry Seriously, have a look at the GX200 while you're doing that. [Original, responding to @dsifry.]

Wednesday 21:33 · @BWJones Not clear. Early results suggest GX200 RAWs are about the same as GX100, i.e. not bad. Hard to find a P&S good past ISO400. [Original, responding to @BWJones.]

Wednesday 21:34 · @BWJones But you're right about wanting a good little rangefinder. They're frightened of cannibalizing their SLR revenues. [Original, responding to @BWJones.]

Wednesday 21:51 · @BWJones G9 is quite OK but a little big. I found the Ricoh ergonomics were immensely better and the lens maybe a little too. [Original, responding to @BWJones.]

Wednesday 23:11 · @gruber I see your grd2d and raise you a flickr.com/groups/gx100/ [Original, responding to @gruber.]

Wednesday 23:11 · (and I'm the worst kind of prime-lens snob on my big pentax) [Original.]

Wednesday 23:23 · @gruber Pity Ricoh has an attitude problem about us Norteamericanos [Original, responding to @gruber.]

Thursday 0:15 · @diveintomark October is *nice* in most parts of Canada. Yankee parochialism. [Original, responding to @diveintomark.]

Thursday 0:28 · This woman's eyes change color alarmingly: www.simonedinnerstein.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=24&Itemid=41 But she's a really good piano player. [Original.]

Thursday 0:33 · Goldberg Variations video: www.simonedinnerstein.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=18&Itemid=27 [Original.]

Thursday 11:02 · Wow, Sun Chief counsel blogs about current litigation with NetApp. This is pretty radical behavior: blogs.sun.com/dillon/entry/netapp_draft [Original.]

Thursday 11:11 · @twleung cursing Ricoh for so exactly scratching my few itches with the GX100 I bought only 5 months ago. [Original, responding to @twleung.]

Thursday 11:16 · Excellent piece by Anil on BillG. [Original.]

Thursday 11:17 · Re-tweet, Anil on BIllG: www.dashes.com/anil/2008/06/bill-gates-and-the-greatest-tech-hack-ever.html [Original.]

Thursday 11:41 · At Euro2008, the crowd is singing the White Stripes "Seven Nation Army" riff [Original.]

Thursday 11:41 · Concurrency is hard. Let's go shopping. [Original.]

Thursday 11:58 · Been programming in C for a week solid. Lauren asks: "Why are you so spaced out?" [Original.]

Thursday 14:04 · Thinking about TLDs: .geek, .vancouver, .dot, .sun, .whore, .fanboy, .web, .fail, .pwns, .rock, .jazz, .beach, .sofa, .news, .mojo, .sucks [Original.]

Thursday 15:08 · @quasi42 A Thumper is truly great technology, but let me tell ya, you do *not* want one in your residence. [Original, responding to @quasi42.]

Thursday 15:46 · meta meta meta Meta META! [Original.]

Thursday 15:54 · @pkedrosky Wondering if having dumped equities big-time June 1-ish to buy recreational property will look good in retrospect... [Original, responding to @pkedrosky.]

Thursday 18:45 · @lobrien In Canada, there's whitepages.ca, which is kind of lame and stupid, but you can fight your way through [Original, responding to @lobrien.]

Thursday 20:24 · Sun vs. NetApp litigation, blow-by-blow by blog: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2008/06/26/Mike-and-Dave [Original.]

Thursday 21:48 · @stevej Emerging conventional wisdom: Build fallback measures into your web app architecture up front. [Original, responding to @stevej.]

Friday 5:33 · Thought-provoking photographs by Chema Mdaoz: haha.nu/creative/creative-photos-by-chema-madoz [Original.]

Friday 11:07 · Aquamacs + flyspell-mode ftw [Original.]

Friday 11:10 · Security/ISO guru looking for work. Fairly rare talent combo: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2008/06/26/John-Hopkinson [Original.]

Friday 15:23 · Wondering if I should give CACM another try after all these years. [Original.]

Friday 17:31 · watching 90-year-old Nelson wave to the crowd at today's AIDS benefit. Moving [Original.]

Friday 17:46 · @headius +1 - Vegas yecch. Severe culture mismatch IMHO. [Original, responding to @headius.]

Friday 22:35 · More drama from the rosaceae, with a brothel reference, Pentax+primes ftw: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2008/06/27/Other-Rugosas [Original.]

Saturday 22:45 · @ev Seems kind of callous to just watch while an innocent furry mammal is coated with aromatic pigment-bearing adhesive chemicals. [Original, responding to @ev.]

Saturday 22:46 · Just wasted a half-hour enjoyably poking around my old Diablo 2 guild which amazingly still exists. D3 on the way, will run on Mac they say. [Original.]

Sunday 7:40 · More megapixels is better! No it's not! Yes it is! www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2008/06/28/On-Megapixels [Original.]

Sunday 11:44 · Stumbled across a Jays game on TV. Bit of a nostalgic thrill seeing shots of Cito in the dugout. [Original.]

Sunday 12:07 · If Germany can't stop those good through balls, there'll be a Spanish goal PDQ. [Original.]

Sunday 12:32 · Some of those Spanish passes are mind-boggling. [Original.]

Sunday 13:02 · OK. I'm now an unqualified fan of the Spanish Euro2008 team. Some of those sequences are exquisite. [Original.]

Sunday 13:21 · They'll regret taking Torres off if it goes to overtime. [Original.]

Sunday 13:36 · Well, well earned. [Original.]

Sunday 13:41 · Wow, the Spanish team gets €23M in prize money. Not bad at all. [Original.]

Sunday 22:01 · We are fortunate that Roger Angell lives on, and writes beautifully about what really matters, as he approaches 90: www.newyorker.com/talk/2008/07/07/080707ta_talk_angell [Original.]

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