We had a few people over Saturday on an impromptu basis to watch the first game of the Stanley Cup (poor Pittsburgh). Because we’re effete West Coast New Age types, we had barbecued salmon and pita and dips and excellent white wine, and something new, a Grey Monk VQA rosé, which was not superb but perfectly OK. All this goes just fine with hockey, but because there were four toddlers and the adults barely outnumbered them, we didn’t get to see that much of the game. But the highlight was the cheese.

Cambie Street, our local shopping destination, has been ripped to shreds over the last couple of years by the Canada Line construction, but that’s dying down and the merchants are drifting back in. On the east side between 18th and 19th, there’s a new cheese shop, artisanal Canadian cheeses, about half from Québec. At random, I picked up a package of “Ash-Ripened Camembert” from Moonstruck Organic Cheese on Saltspring Island. It was amazingly, obscenely good. Two or three people spoke up out of the blue along the lines of “Wow, what’s that?” and everyone went back for more, that little package of soft gooey white cheese was gonzo in no time flat. Lauren said “Um, not too often please” because it’s probably like 50% fat.

Totally recommended, both the cheese and the store.


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From: Erik Engbrecht (May 25 2008, at 13:45)

Go Red Wings!

If you think that cheese is only half fat (by calories) you are fooling yourself.


Sounds tasty.


From: Matthieu (May 25 2008, at 18:49)

Don't let the chart fool you, a good camembert is 45% fat once all the water is removed but only 15% to 20% as is. Which is less than most cheeses (yes, I'm looking at you swiss cheese). Generally speaking, gooey cheeses are less fat than others simply because they contain more water, which is kind of counter intuitive.

Being born and raised in Normandy, I can tell you that "un camembert, ca peut jamais faire de mal".


From: Dave Orchard (May 25 2008, at 20:45)

Thanks for having us over! The cheese was tremendous, and the kids all sure had a great time together. I'm also very partial to rose wines. They just feel like I'm in a restaurant on the cote d'azur.


From: SusanJ (May 26 2008, at 07:55)

If the cheese is that good, it might inspire you to learn more about why a high fat (adequate protein, low in carbohydrates) diet is probably the most healthy diet possible. (No really, the science is there!)

This is a good place to start:



From: Peter Hornby (May 27 2008, at 09:32)

I'm glad to see that Gray Monk is still around. My wife and I honeymooned in Vancouver and Banff in 1994 and, in the interests of exploration, drank a Gray Monk wine at the Fish House in Stanley Park the first night. We loved it. A week later, we were overnighting in Kelowna, and found ourselves at the Gray Monk winery, where we stocked up on provisions for the second week of the honeymoon. The whites were delicious Alsace-style wines, and we enjoyed them all.

Peter Hornby

Laguna Beach/CA


From: Andy (Jun 03 2008, at 00:59)

I certainly will try the cheese, but the store might be a bit too far


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