Just like last year, I haven’t published all the flowers, but enough is enough. Let’s end with three “Menton” tulip photos; they’re of a colour that I don’t think English has a word for, although “flesh” might do if you limited your flesh-tones to the European spectrum. Anyhow, I think I saved the best for the last.

Different cameras, different contexts, it’s all good.

Menton tulip blossom
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Menton tulip blossom

After I’d been enjoying these for a few days, I happened to glance down into one, and actually gasped at what I saw: bands of blue and yellow inside that fleshy cup. It was really hard trying to get a picture; light and focus problems. Next year I’ll try again.

Inside a Menton tulip blossom

I’m not saying I won’t publish any more flowers this year; but I won’t go nuts again till next spring.


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From: Carolyn (May 25 2008, at 07:17)

Your flowers are like pennies from heaven!

Anytime… :-)

Thanks, Tim.


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