Being a picture of one, with some other things.

Complex photo of reflections from and view through a plate-glass window on Granville Island in Vancouver

It’s a window. Some of the people and things are reflected in it, others seen through it. Honestly I don’t know which is which. If you’re from Vancouver and the propeller rings a bell, you’ve probably walked by it down on Granville Island.


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From: Eric (May 13 2008, at 09:38)

Great shot! It looks like a computer collage and I would sworn so without your description.


From: robert (May 13 2008, at 09:59)

Go to your library, and get the Life magazine issues from (about) 1952/3/4 (I can't remember the exact years off the top of my head). Haas did a revolutionary set of pages on New York.


From: Brent Rockwood (May 13 2008, at 10:57)

Of all the photos you have posted here, this is one of my favourites.


From: Christian (May 14 2008, at 11:46)

I walked by there once a week and was always interested in the little crack on one of the propellors. Is it there on purpose? Why this triangle and not a flat edge? That's what happens if you're interested in your surroundings.


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