Almost exactly four years ago we launched It’s been a trip, almost all upside, remarkably problem free. There’s a bit of new news, both inbound and outbound.

Our blogging policy arrived on the scene in parallel with the blogs. For the first time since then, it’s been updated: see Linda Sckrocki’s Sun’s Revised Blogging Policy (AKA Guidelines on Public Discourse). Linda is the point-person for keeping the whole thing running; both servers and policies.

Doing the revision was a little tedious and there were actually a couple of points of internal disagreement. It’s really tough to produce something that’s short and human-readable enough to be useful as a problem preventer, while at the same time meeting legal professionals’ (entirely legitimate) concerns for i-dotting and t-crossing.

Now, here’s something that I think is actually more interesting and new. Meet Joanne Kisling:

Joanne Kisling

She’s in our PR group, and leads our work on Blogger Relations. I don’t know, she may well be the world’s first blogger-oriented PR professional.

One of her recent projects was retaining Marshall Kirkpatrick to build the JavaOne Blog Central 2008; Marshall wrote it up in How to Build an RSS and Blog News Site for Your Project.

Are you a blogger? Want some help talking with Sun? Remember Joanne, and


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From: Terri (May 13 2008, at 17:59)

What a terrific entry and photo of Joanne! She has taken a huge step with her outreach to other communities that influence readers.

She deserves the recognition.


From: Marshall Kirkpatrick (May 14 2008, at 01:01)

Thanks for the link Tim, I had a great time working with Joanne on this project! The recognition here is much appreciated all around I'm sure. Take care!


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