Week ending Sunday 2008/05/04

Monday 9:40 · Fluid.app is really not bad at all. Now GMail lives on its own with its own window & icon & so on. [Original.]

Monday 9:57 · Dear LazyWeb: How do I get a nice looking Fluid.app icon for GMail? It looks fuzzy and awful. [Original.]

Monday 10:07 · Dear Lazyweb: THANK YOU. I now have 378 GMail logo options. [Original.]

Monday 10:36 · OK, you go get a new icon set at csi.nfshost.com/blog/?q=node/28, pick your favorite color, and follow the instructions. LazyWeb ftw. [Original.]

Monday 10:37 · Wondering what Brightkite is. [Original.]

Monday 10:46 · I have an attitude problem about "location-based" anything. [Original.]

Monday 11:52 · Ooh, distro smackdown, blogs.sun.com/barton808/entry/linux_distro_smack_down_only - it's nice when it's OK to have fun at work. I'm thinking nerf weapons. [Original.]

Monday 12:12 · Wow, for the first time, Tripit understood one of my travel notifications. [Original.]

Monday 14:19 · Argh, f2f with a naked unimproved old-school Solaris box. Indiana, come here, I need you. [Original.]

Monday 16:41 · Buahaha copying many gig of test data across the big net to the wide-finder-redux server. Pity the poor backbone. [Original.]

Monday 16:51 · wow, sustaining 700+ K/sec from tbray.org to the wide-finder box in, uh, wherever network.com is. [Original.]

Monday 16:54 · Reiser found guilty: blog.wired.com/27bstroke6/2008/04/reiser-jurors-r.html [Original.]

Monday 17:14 · In the OSS world we tend to have a fairly sunny view of ourselves; we give stuff away, etc. It's unsettling to find a murderer in the family [Original.]

Monday 17:40 · For the Reiser verdict doubters... bear in mind that the jury was in the room. I wonder how common false positives are? [Original.]

Monday 22:32 · Leningrad Cowboys. Red Army Choir. Sweet Home Alabama. Not kidding. www.tothepointnews.com/content/view/3114/85/ [Original.]

Monday 22:52 · Crying Sumo Babies! www.japanprobe.com/?p=4462 [Original.]

Tuesday 9:35 · I complained to Tripit about not handling my ugly Amex-Canada PDF itineraries, so they fixed it & got back by email the next day. +1 Tripit [Original.]

Tuesday 9:44 · Dear PR Morons: Do not send an email saying only "Here's what we're announcing at Java One" with a .doc attachment. [Original.]

Tuesday 9:54 · Doing my biggest Bonnie run ever: 100G on a 32G machine. Old code never dies. [Original.]

Tuesday 10:59 · Heh.... you can read gmail POP with Ruby 1.9 but not 1.8.6. [Original.]

Tuesday 11:45 · I am in A.D. 2008 now building my first-ever mashup. I can understand why people like doing this. [Original.]

Tuesday 14:47 · Twitter quotient: web.forret.com/tools/twitter-tq.asp?name=timbray [Original.]

Wednesday 9:16 · Some of the pre-J1 PR waterhose is actually interesting. e.g. www.mobile-distillery.com/home.htm [Original.]

Wednesday 11:56 · Grumph... doing posts to Twitter via the REST API and something is chopping off the end of the trailing is.gd/*** URLs. [Original.]

Wednesday 13:47 · Cool. If you accidentally feed a tinyurl.com URL to is.gd, it gives it back unchanged. [Original.]

Wednesday 14:33 · OH: " there is only one autoconf project out there, and everything is a copy of it" [Original.]

Wednesday 15:16 · JavaOne opening keynote by... wait for it ... Neil Young. I'm sure he's gonna talk about JSF and EJB. [Original.]

Wednesday 17:25 · The current latest thin/flat Mac keyboard is the best I've used in 20+ years of bangin' on 'em. [Original.]

Wednesday 19:42 · I couldn't remember a key fact that I needed to change one line in a Ruby program. I had to go grab the book to look it up. The answer: 'm' [Original.]

Wednesday 20:19 · @gruber - that USA Today link is borked. [Original, responding to @gruber.]

Wednesday 20:21 · @rich_kilmer - multi-line regex modifier. Mnemonic, even. [Original, responding to @rich_kilmer.]

Wednesday 20:30 · Ah, I must say that I do enjoy a good Spolsky flame: www.joelonsoftware.com/items/2008/05/01.html [Original.]

Wednesday 23:26 · Trying to master Final Cut Express. Damn steep learning curve. [Original.]

Thursday 9:10 · Staring at a regex and a chunk of text, thinking "that should match... that *has* to match" [Original.]

Thursday 10:08 · Seth Freedman (of Ha'aretz and the Guardian) writes the most astounding stuff about the Middle East, e.g. commentisfree.guardian.co.uk/seth_freedman/2008/05/hebron_orphanage.html [Original.]

Thursday 11:55 · Wide Finder 2, let the fun begin: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2008/05/01/Wide-Finder-2 [Original.]

Thursday 12:06 · @airdrie: Good luck! [Original, responding to @airdrie.]

Thursday 12:14 · Hmm... Nissan GT-R. Can I have one please? www.worldcarfans.com/9080501.002/official-nissan-announced-gt-r-laps-nurburgring-in-7m-29s [Original.]

Thursday 12:17 · What Canada earns: www.macleans.ca/article.jsp?content=n05019A [Original.]

Thursday 13:15 · Twitter API breakage, clients seeing only replies and DM. Twitteriffic and twhirl too it seems [Original.]

Thursday 15:21 · @quasi42 - off to the wiki and make some suggestions [Original, responding to @quasi42.]

Thursday 15:36 · @codinghorror is right. Dropping the shiny-disk player was brilliant. Lighter is good. Thinner, who cares? Slow CPU & small disk, blecch. [Original, responding to @codinghorror.]

Friday 0:57 · First time trying to use wikis.sun.com, crashy and painful. They're Atlassian, which I thought was supposed to work... [Original.]

Friday 2:07 · Does the little trash-can on the Twitter web page actually, you know, do anything? Can tweets be deleted? [Original.]

Friday 2:29 · OK, so delete works for other people, just not me. I wonder if it's related to these having been created via the POST APi... [Original.]

Friday 9:45 · Looking at the /. coverage of the Twitter/RoR rumor. It's actually painful to me to be thinking of /. as clueless; they used to mean so much [Original.]

Friday 12:14 · Look sideways: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2008/05/02/Look-Sideways [Original.]

Friday 13:48 · very VERY Enterprisey Ruby: www.infoworld.com/article/08/05/02/Tibco-airs-SOA-plans_1.html [Original.]

Friday 13:52 · So, who are the people sitting in the cafes at every hour of day or night, not apparently working? [Original.]

Friday 15:37 · Check out @PDML - a Picture Every So Often. Explanation: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2008/04/30/PDML-Twitter-Mashup [Original.]

Friday 16:08 · A little bird tells me that Groovy 1.6 is teh hotness: glaforge.free.fr/weblog/index.php?itemid=241 [Original.]

Friday 16:33 · Ooh ooh ooh Illusion Science: www.illusionsciences.com/ [Original.]

Friday 21:13 · @pkedrosky - I saw Brett & whatsisname do one of those live in the the West End in London one time. Intense. [Original, responding to @pkedrosky.]

Friday 22:04 · @shanselman - sounds extremely plausible to me [Original, responding to @shanselman.]

Saturday 9:01 · Ian fears Barbie invastion: news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080428/ap_on_re_mi_ea/iran_barbie_dolls [Original.]

Saturday 9:05 · TechCrunch seeks two Rails programmers to join the company as interns this summer: intertwingly.net/blog/2008/05/02/Job-Posting [Original.]

Saturday 9:13 · Festival of the steel phallus: babibubebo.com/2008/04/07/kanamara-matsuri-festival-of-the-steel-phallus/ [Original.]

Saturday 9:29 · Two typos first time, re-tweet: Iran fears Barbie invasion: news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080428/ap_on_re_mi_ea/iran_barbie_dolls [Original.]

Saturday 10:47 · Painfully realizing, once again, that skipping unit-testing will *always* bite you. [Original.]

Saturday 21:25 · Grumpy; my first DVD of a Final Cut Express movie has horrid sound on a standard DVD player. OK on a computer. Maybe DVD-R problem? [Original.]

Sunday 13:47 · "English is essentially French converted to 7-bit ASCII." and many other gems at Essentialist Explanations: home.ccil.org/~cowan/essential.html [Original.]

Sunday 13:59 · It dawns on me that when we defined Atom, we didn't define fragment semantics. So wherever/foo.atom#42 doesn't mean anything. [Original.]

Sunday 14:37 · xml:id is teh suck. Since every Atom entry in a feed is guaranteed to have a unique ID, this should not be rocket science. [Original.]

Sunday 14:50 · #fragid semantics should be defined in a way sensitive to the language. xml:id is going around behind the lang designers' backs [Original.]

Sunday 14:59 · Don't like application/xml myself, the fact that something is encoded in XML is unhelpful to anything except maybe a full-text indexer. [Original.]

Sunday 22:17 · OK, Twitterverse, you forced me to turn my TV on for the triple overtime. [Original.]

Sunday 22:52 · What are the good J1 Monday night parties? [Original.]

Sunday 23:13 · @BWJones isn't that Ry Cooder? [Original, responding to @BWJones.]

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