The dishwasher’s on the fritz, scheduled for a fix Tuesday. So our eight-year-old’s duties have expanded from table-clearing to include dish-drying. He whines, but doesn’t get much sympathy. This evening, I put on R.E.M.’s Fables of the Reconstruction, turned way up, to help. What a great record that is, even after all these years. I explained to the boy that rock & roll is very helpful for getting dishes done. He was doubtful, but bopping a bit on Can’t Get There From Here.


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From: Carolyn (May 04 2008, at 05:58)

My father used to play Mitch Miller's marches while we cleaned the house. It did make getting the chores done seem to go quickly and more fun!


From: John Cowan (May 04 2008, at 07:43)

My dishwasherless household (insufficient water pressure in these old buildings, even though this one happens to have new plumbing) does at least own a drying rack, a wondrous piece of high-tech that makes dish-drying effectively obsolete, unless you are the sort of person to obsess about a few water spots on your glasses.

I do agree about the rock-and-roll, though.


From: Adrian (May 04 2008, at 17:24)

Ramones goes well with vacuuming


From: Stuart Marks (May 04 2008, at 21:30)

What I always loved about this album was that it's ambiguous (from the cover art, at least) whether the title is "Reconstruction of the Fables" or "Fables of the Reconstruction". However, I'd give the nod to "Lifes Rich Pageant" for best R.E.M. album of this era.


From: len (May 05 2008, at 16:28)

I'm listening to Salsa. While I was in Puerto Rico last week, my escorts politely set their car radios to American pop. I told them I could hear that anywhere and asked if that is what they listened to when not escorting gringos. They laughed and set it to their local fare which as it turns out is salsa among others. Much better than Chicago for the millionth time.

PR is a great place to spend some time, if you like music. Everyone there sings, when they work, while they drive, everywhere. It's very cool. They took me to a piano bar. Billy Joel was there the night before (true story). The locals stand around and sing phenomenally well. This ain't kareoke night. One lady stepped up and sang Edith Piaf's signature song. I was amazed.

An aside: I met Chelsea Clinton there at a college rally. Nice tush.


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