Week ending Sunday 2008/03/23

Monday 22:52 · @gruber: the trick is to *just not care* [Original, responding to @gruber.]

Wednesday 2:03 · Hah. Just got a full Press Pass for Java One in my capacity as blogger. FYI It's *really* hard for Sun employees to get first-class access. [Original.]

Wednesday 2:11 · Lightroom on a 2007 MacBook, when asked to sort through ~80 14.6MP K20D RAW files, hurts. I'd been hoping not to upgrade any time soon. [Original.]

Wednesday 2:22 · @Rerun_van_Pelt - Don't know, upgraded from the ancient *ist-D - it is amazingly, ridiculously better. [Original, responding to @Rerun_van_Pelt.]

Wednesday 19:01 · On the word "bumblebee": recycledknowledge.blogspot.com/2008/03/on-word-bumblebee.html [Original.]

Friday 17:12 · I'm on vacation and somehow missed the start of the whole "colorteam" thing... explanation? [Original.]

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March 23, 2008
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