I’m sorry to my readers, 80% of whom probably don’t care about OOXML standards politics, but I’m having a hard time de-obsessing. For those who share my unfortunate condition, please go read Some clarifications on the OOXML Ballot Resolution Meeting, a fantastic write-up by Antonis Christofides of the Greek delegation. I think it illustrates the big picture better than anything else I’ve read, including my own coverage.


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From: Alex Brown (Mar 04 2008, at 12:41)

> de-obsessing

Met up with some of the UK delegation today and agree it seems there's some kind of (mild geeky) PTSD after-effect from the BRM.

However, I have just finished listening to the new Mahler 9 recording from the Berlin Philharmonic / Simon Rattle, and can recommend it as a suitable antidote.

- Alex.


From: Assaf (Mar 04 2008, at 14:15)

There is no second pass. Once the spec gets stamp, decision makers act on that single bit of information in ways that would affect million of end-users. Now would be the right time to obsess.


From: Carolyn A. Colborn (Mar 04 2008, at 17:32)

Tim, I think Alex has a point. Feed your soul. You know what to do.


From: Jesper Lund Stocholm (Mar 05 2008, at 23:19)

Tim, Alex,

I totally agree on the PTSD-syndrome. I work for a relatively small company (+60 empls) so I don't have the benefits of being in Geneva with even a few collegues. So I am basically left in Denmark with a week so insanely full of impressions and thoughts ... and noone to share it with.



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