I spent time with the baby in the garden this afternoon, and we both had fun.

The roses still have some new blossoms, but even the old ones are worth watching in this light.

Tattered Royal Sunset rose blossom

The blueberry leaves are turning red almost as you watch them.

Blueberry leaves turning red

The honeysuckle that I love to photograph is still flowering a bit, but its leaves are showing the season’s wear and tear, and its energies are devoted to reddening its berries.

Honeysuckle berries

The spiders of early summer are many and irritating, spinning their webs at night so you catch them with your face in the morning. The remaining spiders are bigger, presumably the ones lucky or smart not to have got in the way of homo sapiens; but they’re moving slow and their webs are cluttered and tattered.

Spider on weatherbeaten web

In the slanting light, the heavenly-bamboo leaves are decorated with shadows of heavenly-bamboo leaves.

Heavenly bamboo leaves with shadows of other leaves

Our front steps need sweeping.

Green steps with railing shadows


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From: John Cowan (Sep 23 2007, at 06:36)

When I scroll up and down over the last picture with the mouse wheel, a dynamic visual Op Art effect occurs. Oddly, I don't see it when I use the scrollbar -- I have no idea why.

(I'm using Firefox 2 for Linux. The effect occurs either when viewing on the main page or when viewing the image by itself, clicking on it once to blow it up to full size.)


From: Patrick Mueller (Sep 23 2007, at 08:35)

That looks like a "garden spider", but the web doesn't have the distinctive zigzag. I don't remember seeing these spiders anywhere else I've lived but NC. We enjoy having them as temporary 'pets' in our front garden. Haven't had any obvious ones this year, yet.


From: John (Sep 24 2007, at 16:53)

Mr. Bray, your blog is the best thing since sliced ruby strings. I'm a gardener, geek, and sometime amateur photographer, and there's always something intriguing or delightful here. Thanks and please keep on.


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