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Lauren and Jean · Hey, this is my blog, if I want to run a pic­ture of my wife and my moth­er, I can ...
Pantone’s Missed Chance · To­day I see, via John Gru­ber, that Pan­tone has been ac­quired by X-Rite. In 1995, I gave Pantone’s CEO some ad­vice that might have made them a lot of mon­ey. He didn’t take it, but it’s an amus­ing sto­ry ...
Bragging · Wel­l, The Economist has pub­lished a study of the liv­abil­i­ty of cities. That point­er is ac­tu­al­ly to the sum­ma­ry, not the ac­tu­al re­port, which will cost you $200. Any­how, in the #1 po­si­tion is Van­cou­ver, and in #2 is Mel­bourne, which I’m start­ing to think of as my sec­ond home.
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