Just sit back and let Sonny and Leonard show you a good time. Trust me on this one. And stay till the end.


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From: Eric (Aug 17 2007, at 22:25)



From: Carolyn (Aug 20 2007, at 12:55)

Tim, you have good taste in music. It's too bad the audio sound quality on my computer isn't that great. If this is available commercially, I'd consider buying it. I am assuming Sonny and Leonard are not the same as the group named "Who by Fire".


From: Tim Bray (Aug 20 2007, at 13:45)

Carolyn: Oops, it hadn't occurred to me that there are a large number of people who are neither old nor obsessive enough to know who these gentleman are. The singer is Leonard Cohen and the saxophone player is Sonny Rollins. Each have made many recordings and are well worth listening to.

I don't know of a group named Who By Fire.


From: Ariel Hendel (Aug 21 2007, at 23:02)

I am glad we share the Leonard Cohen taste. I keep playing LC and Jacques Brel vintage youtube clips to my children's dismay. Heck, once they didn't like sushi either.


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