It was Canadians, two of them from Vancouver, who went and hoisted the “Free Tibet” poster on the Great Wall. What’s the point of having young people in the world if they don’t pull off looney stunts like this? I’m so proud of ’em. Here’s the CBC story, the Flickr photos, and first-person coverage in Beijing Wide Open by Lhadon Tethong.


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From: Tony Fisk (Aug 09 2007, at 18:38)


Speaking of walls, I happened on an interesting site that tells you, in realtime, whether or not the Chinese government considers a website to contain 'naughty thoughts'.

Try playing ping-pong at The Great Firewall of China.

(Flickr is deemed 'naughty'...and so are you!)


From: Ian King (Aug 10 2007, at 17:37)

Good on 'em. It's refreshing to see young activists protesting against repressive, authoritarian regimes instead of propping them up.


From: Tim Bray (Aug 12 2007, at 01:08)

The GreatFireWallOfChina site is in my experience very unreliable; I've had it report lots of sites as unreachable, then colleagues there say "no problem".

On the evidence, I wouldn't trust it.


From: Tony Fisk (Aug 13 2007, at 21:59)

A fair point about reliability. (FWIW there is a disclaimer about this buried in the FAQ section.)

The comments certainly show a high level of frustration with the false block rate (although I did find a couple of sites that were allowed).


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