We had a little online Atom Protocol interop session today, via IRC and servers scattered here and there about the globe. I got mod_atom to work with Apache Abdera and Windows Live Writer. With a couple of little glitches in each case, fixed on the spot (that’s what the session is for), we had 100% squeaky-clean interop. Earth to client toolmakers: pay attention, or you’re gonna be eating WLW’s dust.

Here’s an out-take from the IRC, jcheng is Joe Cheng of Microsoft, who works on WLW.

twbray: boy, if a few more internet protocols got this kind of interop testing before they product shipped, we'd all be in immensely less pain.

jcheng: +1

In other news, WordPress might really be finally learning APP. See Pete Lacey and Matt Mullenweg and Sam Ruby.

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August 06, 2007
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