Well, I abbreviate; the full description is “a standard almost-plaited cable stitch using 4.5 mm needles” and it appears in Knitted Cushion by my friend, co-worker, and wife Lauren Wood, who for the first time dives deep online into knitting-geek mode. No, I don’t understand it in the slightest. The analogy with Open Source is not exactly subtle. And I have to say, that’s one great-looking cushion.


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From: Michael Neale (Aug 05 2007, at 03:54)

There is quite a lot on the web about knitting, and all sorts of non techno geek. I get a real buzz seeing family members get into online communities for things that I am not personally interested in (I guess I just love technology being put to other uses then just what I use it for).


From: Zack (Aug 05 2007, at 07:43)

I was pretty amazed when my girlfriend started knitting. There are a ton of great resources out there for patterns (knitty.com) but the free ones usually come with their own license, which I found interesting. The whole thing is similar to programming but what really amazes me is people who create the patterns, especially with wacky stuff like cabling.


From: John Cowan (Aug 05 2007, at 08:08)

You don't understand it in the slightest? C'mon, the notation's trivial. It's just assembly-language programming with some higher-level instructions stuck in here and there.

'k' stands for 'knit', the basic atomic action of knitting; 'p' for 'purl', a reversed 'knit'. Collectively they ar 'stitches', abbreviated 'st'.

Casting on stitches is assembling them on the needle; binding off is the reverse. Numbers are iteration counts, and "*" is a label.

(Kudos to my mother, who taught me to knit forty years ago, though I haven't done it for a long time.)


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