Ouf, it’s been a while, is my browser ever fat.

Web App Performance · Everything anybody knows on the subject, on one screen. Study and grow wise. [Update: Sam Ruby has more.]

Tango with Microsoft · The only parts of WS-* that really mean anything are the parts you need to talk to Microsoft WCF. Twenty-six pages worth.

Understanding Engineers · There’s a secret engineering language where words like “Impossible” and “Trivial” don’t mean what you think they do. Charles Miller has the exegesis.

What Dare Said · I regularly get pissed at Dare Obasanjo, but I always read him. I like the second half of Note to Software Vendors, the World is Collaborative and Loosely Coupled better than the first, but I like both.

Honey-Net Findings · I totally admire the people who build and run these things. Read Know Your Enemy: Fast-Flux Service Networks and be afraid, very afraid.

Packages are Hot · What Ian Murdock is saying in How package management changed everything has been said before, but it needs to be said again, and Ian is after all the horse. As in “from the horse’s mouth”, I mean.

Binary XML · I’ve been trying really hard to avoid fulminating about this, but I can’t resist doing two things; first, linking to Joe Gregorio on the subject. And second, noting that I’d be a bit more confident if the authors of the working draft could actually spell “Extensible Markup Language”. Is that too much to ask?

XML REALLY Sucks · In fact, it causes global warming. You couldn’t make this stuff up.

How to Release Operating Systems · People don’t realize how hard this is. Greg Kroah-Hartman explains. Solaris takes a different approach, but which is best for you is going to depend who you are and what you’re doing.

How to Patch Operating Systems · The Solaris team is trying to break a bad habit. Bart Smaalders understands the problem better than anyone. This is one of the many pieces that have to come together for Indiana to be meaningful.


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From: len (Jul 26 2007, at 06:00)

Somehow software engineers of this generation are aggravated by bad code but are reading email while driving a car.

Evolution predicts the code will remain as it is but there will be fewer engineers to care.


From: Luis Bruno (Jul 28 2007, at 09:39)

The irony: got an HTTP 500 the first time i clicked through the scalability slideshare.


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