I don’t know about you, but I think it’s a fine thing that a noticeable proportion of the whole world is going to stop what they’re doing this weekend and read a book instead.

[Afterward] Well, Ms Rowling did indeed wrap it all up in a nice tidy package. I kinda lost count of the Horcruxes, and the extended-chase-scene middle dragged a bit, but still, well-done. The last couple of books obviously lack the fun factor of the first few, when Rowling was inventing a world and its people and taking us along for the ride. See ya, Harry.

Probably Not a Spoiler · I think the book is mistitled. The Hallows are at best a side-show, in fact dropping them would usefully have tightened things up. It should have been called Harry Potter and the Battle of Hogwarts. Because that’s the center of the story.


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From: Eugene (Jul 21 2007, at 23:52)

You should've linked to your Harry Potter post (http://www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2005/07/19/Half-Blood-Prince) two years ago to give a bit of perspective. :-)


From: Phil (Jul 23 2007, at 04:29)

I had the weird sensation that I was reading book 2 in a series of 2, or 3 of 3 at the outside. Not just because so much happens in this one, but because it really feels as if everything that's gone before has been so much set-up for this book. There are a couple of plot decisions I would have made differently, but it was a very satisfying (and shocking, terrifying, heartbreaking, heartwarming and occasionally hilarious) readd.


From: len (Jul 23 2007, at 06:28)

I agree. Rowling masterfully wrapped up the story. After the frenzy at midnight with the teen-agers, the weekend in the 'burbs was astoundingly quiet (no mowers, blowers, or other sleep-no-more bestowers) the next morning. Saturday remained uneartly quiet. The rush to get out of church services and back home to finish the book was palpable Sunday morning... and the kids were hiding their copies from us.

From time to time, pop culture produces something worth more than all the academic and scholarly works can ever hope to achieve: a singular expression of good will and common hope.

Ah Monday... back to the wars. I see this box accepts Vista now. Cool.


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