Suppose you’ve just rolled into the office and the coffee isn’t quite doing it and you need a little pick-me-up. Well, just saunter over to YouTube and listen to one or two of the many live cuts of the Raconteurs’ Blue Veins. I’ve only taken in a couple, but on the evidence most of ’em will set your blood sizzlin’·

At this point, the pop-music-history-literate will insist on a bow in the general direction of Led Zep and Big Brother and the Holding Company for having invented the over-the-top demented-destructured electric-distortion blues genre. That granted, it’s genuinely uplifting that said genre is still yielding generous harvests 3½ decades later. And a cheering surprise that it can be driven further out over the edge into unexplored weirdness.

Another scenario: Suppose you’ve been grinding away for a few hours and it’s well after lunch and your mind is feeling kind of raw and bloody at the edges. Well, what you need is some of that Ambient Internet Brain Goo, and I’ve run across an excellent new source: Groovera. On iTunes Radio, they have two offerings, “Jet City” and “Low Mercury”. I’m here to tell ya that Low Mercury is the maybe the gooiest of all the Ambient Internet Brain Goo on offer. These days, when I’m alternating telecons and C-language Apache-module coding, goo is On The Menu.

I think I’ll have to share a little love.


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From: Mark Szpakowski (Jul 14 2007, at 07:11)

Hmm. As you say, Blue Veins has echoes of Big Brother, and of one of the greatest total-obliteration mind fuck performances in musical history, Janis Joplin doing Ball and Chain at the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival (


From: M. David Peterson (Jul 14 2007, at 09:18)

The Raconteurs? Jack White? Nice catch! Thanks for the tip!


From: MilesZS (Jul 14 2007, at 22:20)

On a slightly related note, quite possibly the most appropriate 'Visualization' plugin for XMMS, to go with Groovera, is 'Goom' ( Beware, it can be a bit disturbing when you realize that the combination of these auditory and visual inputs has you absolutely mesmerized. Wicked cool, though.

Thanks for the Groovera tip.


From: Dustin (Jul 16 2007, at 01:49)

Thanks for the funky radio suggestion. My usual brain goo is Groove Salad from

I noticed that iTunes doesn't let you search while in the Radio section. That's a pretty bad omission methinks.


From: Yong Bakos (Jul 19 2007, at 10:32)

Thanks for recommending that Tim. Also enjoyed all your Berlin photos and commentary.

Going to hear the Upsetter himself tomorrow night!


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