Now, this is what I’ve always wanted. I’m feeling kind of unhappy with myself; time after time, Dave Sifry has showed me some new frippery they’re rolling out at Technorati and I’ve said “Yeah, that’s kind of cool, maybe you could twiddle X” even though it didn’t turn my personal crank that much. My problem has been that I was assuming that the way I want to use Technorati is unusual. I use it for vanity feeds of course, but the when I go to the site, I only ever want to ask two questions: “What are they saying about <insert recent event>?” and “Where was that article I saw recently about <insert subject>?” The new, very Google-flavored does those things, and that’s all it does. Plus, it seems a whole lot faster.

Mind you, Technorati is making a dual-track bet. The main front page has even more fripperies, that I’m assuming are what some proportion of the population want. But check out the results of searches for “Vancouver” from the front page and the new search page.

Here’s Dave Sifry’s write-up.

[Disclosure: I have a conflict of interest as regards Technorati.]


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From: BillyG (May 23 2007, at 08:46)

HTML Validator gives them a big fat red X.

Personally, I stopped using them well over a year ago, but what does that matter lol.


From: Ryan King (May 23 2007, at 11:06)


On what page do you see validity errors?


From: Jeremy Dunck (May 23 2007, at 15:41)

On the Vancouver search page:



We're ran into a temporary problem. Please try again.


Ouch. :(


From: Rainer Feike (May 27 2007, at 03:09)

Well, technorati is evolving from cool to business. It still looks cool, and it is still a community tool - but it's becoming business. And it is about to become a google competitor.

Think it is no question - google will response soon - and the community will too ...


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