Sun just announced a Patent Non-assert Covenant on OpenID; chapter and verse and FAQ here. Simon Phipps has a useful write-up. But what really impresses me is the text of the covenant itself; four short paragraphs of simple, almost jargon-free, English. Why can’t we do this more often? I’m told that our own Eduardo Gutentag gets the credit. [Ed. note: I’ve been asked a couple of times now why don’t do one of these for Atom, too. Good idea, I should have been working on it and I’ve been procrastinating.]


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From: Andrew Shebanow (May 22 2007, at 11:37)

The Simon Phipps link is broken. Here's the correct link:

Seems like Simon may have found an additional reason :-)


From: Gabe Wachob (May 22 2007, at 15:57)

I want to congratulate Sun on this. I'm coordinating the development of an IPR policy around OpenID spec development, and its great when large players like Sun take positive steps to begin to address the uncertainty.

You mention that Sun has *not* done this with Atom - do you know why? Are there as many concerns with licensing around Atom as there are with OpenID?


From: Tim (May 22 2007, at 22:19)

Gabe: IANAL but I'd be surprised if there were an issue. IBM has already done this. It's just that it requires that I do some work, which I haven't got around to.


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