The boy had a few morning minutes free before we had to leave for school and so “Daddy, can I listen to your iPod?” I told him to go ahead, and then when we were heading out the door he was singing; he can carry a tune well and I knew it but couldn’t make out the song. I asked him to sing a little louder: Perverts in the sun... perving everyone... Oops. It turns out that the Shuffle had shuffled in some of Iggy Pop’s Skull Ring. I suggested that maybe he not sing that one at school, and realized that if the iPod is a family resource, I’m going to have to be a little careful. Why’d Ya Do It?, for example, is right out.


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From: Mike Hostetler (May 10 2007, at 13:14)

My daughter (now 3.5) had a habit of just grabbing a random VHS tape and put it in the VCR. We didn't think much of it at first and it was almost always her movies.

Well, once she grabbed a video and put it in and my wife and I ignored it. Then I heard John Travolta's voice from the TV, and then Samuel L. Jackson. Yep, she put in "Pulp Fiction". We quickly took the tape out and have been much more careful ever since.


From: bbum (May 10 2007, at 13:14)


I have a similar problem. With 25,000+ tracks ripped from my CD collection, many of which are a bit questionable in lyrical (or, frankly, musical) content.

So, I add the word "adult" to the comments of any track that ought not be consumed by my six year old. Easy to set up a playlist to exclude such tracks and make it the source of random fills of an iPod.


From: Kevin Lipe (May 10 2007, at 16:06)

You know, apparently Iggy Pop and children go hand in hand these days. Here in Memphis, the reunited Stooges just played at the Beale Street Music Festival last Friday night. I was there (way down front, where Iggy threw water on me--best show I've seen in my life, just in case you were curious) and after the show when I left, I saw at least three (3) children under the age of ten.

It was surprising, because during "No Fun" Iggy complained about the barriers keeping the crowd off the stage, and at least thirty audience members obliged his request and came on stage to dance with him. I saw at least two guys that should have been arrested for indecent expoure, but what the hell: it was the Stooges. I'm sure the parents with children in the audience couldn't have been too thrilled, though.


From: Pat (May 10 2007, at 16:34)

One of Tom's favourite tracks in the minivan right now is 'I Predict a Riot' by The Kaiser Chiefs - especially since I explained to him what a riot is. Sounds kind of fun when you're five, I guess...


From: Tim (May 10 2007, at 17:26)

If the boy is old enough to go to school, how about getting him one of the low-end models of flash-based player, 512KB perhaps, and helping him find some music he likes to put on it? Doesn't have to be an Apple-branded player, in fact if it's a no-name brand it's probably less prone to being grabbed by some older kid. Some of the players are under $40 these days, maybe even much lower.


From: Dustin (May 10 2007, at 20:54)

You can hide "naughty" things from your kids, but only for so long. Better to teach them yourself, and get them to bring questions to you. You'll end up having more influence that way.


From: Tom Ward (May 11 2007, at 00:22)

With a little creativity you can listen to anything you want:


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