Mark your calendar: April 16-17 at Google. Everybody is invited, provided they bring along an APP implementation, client or server. This was just announced a couple of days ago, and as I write this there are already six thirteen client and seven fifteen server implementations signed up to be there and try to fill in the grid. Let’s drop some names, in alphabetical order: AOL, Flock, Google, IBM, Lotus, Microsoft, NTT, Oracle, O’Reilly, Six Apart, Sun, WordPress. Um, have I mentioned that the APP is going to be huge?


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From: Michael Ellerman (Apr 02 2007, at 18:02)

How many of those clients/servers are open source?


From: Sylvain Hellegouarch (Apr 04 2007, at 00:22)

You can look there:


From: Keith Fahlgren (Apr 04 2007, at 10:34)

Michael: We're hoping that more of the clients and servers will be open sourced following the interop meeting.


From: rektide (Apr 06 2007, at 10:49)

Mountain View is pretty far away, please make sure theres some good web coverage of the event, if you'd be so kind. I'm sure you can requisition a blogger to take notes. :)


From: Dougal Campbell (Apr 11 2007, at 07:17)

I know that the WordPress implementation is kind of rudimentary right now, but I'm pumped to see that we'll have representation there.

For the last few weeks, I've been meaning to start adding support for handling different content types, but I just haven't had the spare cycles to work on it. Of course, Elias Torres deserves the the credit for the initial WP APP server implementation. I've just been riding on his coat-tails, getting his code to work in the server environment.


From: Keith Fahlgren (Apr 12 2007, at 07:21)

It looks like there will be another Ruby APP implementation this Summer thanks to Google Summer of Code:


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