The grey is the sky, all we’ve had for some weeks, and the characters are a closed shop’s sign becoming a palimpsest.

Main Street on a cloudy day

Since I can understand neither the Chinese text nor the graffiti, posting this may not be the most appropriate thing. But I thought the scene was striking, in particular the rolling pins.

Taken on the Canon S70 which, now that the zoom doesn’t work, is a fixed-lens 28mm wide-angle camera. Maybe I’ll just run with this for a while.

If the picture seems a little gloomy, well it is; this is the season for Seasonal Affective Disorder, big time.


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From: Jordan Torbiak (Mar 10 2007, at 09:55)

It's not all that bad, Mr Bray. Here in Edmonton I still almost bite it on the ice every time I go out. Cool photo, though.


From: Ryan Erwin (Mar 10 2007, at 21:58)

The part of the chinese that is readable says:

馳名油味 (Famous Rich Flavor)

各款素點 (Each and every kind of food)

食品 (Food Products)

合精味 (Boxed for perfect flavor)

真空包裝 (Vacuum packaged)

It was written in traditional chinese (probably someone from HK or Taiwan). The word "點" is written incorrectly, they confused the the top of "黑" (black) with the "田" (field).

Hope that doesn't ruin the romance of it for you :-)

Take care-

Ryan Erwin


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