This is the one-day Unconference that happens the day before Northern Voice. Unfortunately I missed Northern Voice, due to a combination of a child’s soccer game and a vicious one-day ailment of some sort that knocked me completely on my butt for 24 hours. Anyhow, Moose Camp was 100% excellent. It irritates me that I went through the first forty-something years of my life without having had the Unconference experience.

All these pictures are (I think) from the New Rules for New Communities session.

Attendees at Moose Camp, Alex Waterhouse-Hayward at centre

In the centre above, looking gloomy, Alex Waterhouse-Hayward. In the rest of the pictures, I really don’t know any of the people.

Attendees at Moose Camp
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Attendees at Moose Camp
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Attendees at Moose Camp
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Attendees at Moose Camp

The light was OK but not great. For photo-geeks: I went all manual, cranked the Pentax down to f/2.0 at 1/60, and had to do a bit of brightening and sharpening.

That session was good fun, basically just an open-ended discussion about what life in online communities is like, and how it could be better. Like every other Moose Camp session I went to, it could easily have been two or three times as long.

There was this guy in the back row and right in the belly of this long and fairly earnest discussion of the community experience, he put up his hand and said “By the way, I can get you really cheap Viagra and Cialis.” It was the best kind of humor; quite a few of us had a moment of “Can he mean it?!” shock before the room exploded in laughter.


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From: BillyG (Feb 25 2007, at 16:28)

Can I ask about your cool 3-D effect with those pictures?


From: Tim (Feb 25 2007, at 18:14)

BillyG: Nothing special. Since I was shooting with the lens cranked wide open the depth of field is poor, so the things behind and in front of the focal length will be blurred. This is something it's easy to do with a DSLR, very difficult with most pocket cams. In this case, if I'd had enough light or I'd been willing to use the flash, I would have tried to get everyone in focus. But now that you point it out, it does look kind of neat.


From: BillyG (Feb 26 2007, at 04:14)

I'm sorry, I should've been more descriptive.

I was referring to the 3-D border around the images, I assume it is a function of your blogging software, i.e. plugin.

After reading your answer though, I must admit, what you referred to is pretty cool also.



From: Paul B (Feb 26 2007, at 10:56)

I recall reading this:

Is that still what's being used for the picture borders?


From: Tim (Feb 26 2007, at 16:32)

BillG: Paul B is right. That effect is called "drop shadow" and is a very common technique for decorating pictures. Read all about it:


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