Hey, check out Anil Dash’s cool tabular calendar, summarizing the history of his blog. I liked it so much that I made one, too. Hmm, I can think of lots of different ways to organize it, will have to try some alternatives. Thanks, Anil!


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From: Justin Watt (Dec 08 2006, at 22:19)

Another more compact option would be <a href="http://justinsomnia.org/2005/04/monthchunks-howto/">monthchunks</a>.


From: Aurélien Pelletier (Dec 08 2006, at 22:52)

There is very good plugin to do this with wordpress: Extended live archive.

You can see it in action here


or there



From: David Carlton (Dec 09 2006, at 07:52)

In "When", the months go from top to bottom, but on the pages for individual months, the days go from bottom to top. This confused me.


From: Lee O'Mara (Dec 09 2006, at 09:57)

I like the idea. Flipping the axis would provide more room for years of expansion.


From: nate (Dec 09 2006, at 10:58)

Seems like a good visualization for things where the number of items per month varies, or there may not be any. What about tying in tagcloud-style text-weighting?


From: Sérgio (Dec 10 2006, at 12:09)

Are you opening your data to swivel? :)


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