Herewith my occasional romp through the built-up browser tabs. Item (serious): In The ‘Next’ Java, Joe Gregorio says some Really Smart Things about languages in general and Java in articular. Item (serious): At Business Week, Stephen Baker’s Writing for an audience of one says something genuinely new (hard, these days) about blogging. Item (interesting): My new Samsung is a pretty cool phone, but there are a few irritants. It turns out that someone called RedIpS has fixed them. I just bought a flashing cable on EBay; I wonder if I’m going to be breaking any laws? Item (not serious): SOA Facts. Item (puzzling): Some guy named Tim Bray seems to be in trouble in China; this article provided the title above. I hope Mr. Bray gets out OK.


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From: Down and Out in Sài Gòn (Nov 02 2006, at 20:50)

Tim: he (or she?) is in trouble in Việt Nam - not China. The gist is that two people broadcasted themselves doing some serious monkeysex on the Net. Someone else saw this from another computer, got disgusted, and called the cops. All three people were living in this city, and the police tend to be puritans about public sex, so charges were filed arrests were made, and all that.

If the "Tim Bray" was a foreigner (and not just a nick name), he would have been quietly expelled, I guess. The authorities wouldn't try for a conviction; it brings too much potentially negative press, and it's too much paperwork.

Thanks be to my wife, who was able to riddle out what the message said through all the question marks. (I assume it was typed using a pre-Unicode Vietnamese font, and then cut and pasted to the the blog. That's why it looks like sh*t.)


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