If you’re running any of Apache, MySQL, PHP, Perl, or Squid on Solaris, trot on over to the Cool Stack space and pick up the latest super-optimized builds, now for x64 as well as SPARC. Hey guys, how about Ruby and Python? And someday (hopefully soon) we’ll be doing it with apt-get and wondering what this pkgadd thing used to be.


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From: Scott Johnson (Oct 19 2006, at 14:53)

All of this super-optimized code sure makes for a great selling point for the T1000s. 32 threads of highly optimized goodness for under 10 grand is almost irresistable.


From: Glynn Foster (Oct 19 2006, at 17:59)

Python is already available as a standard part of Solaris. 2.3 in /usr/sfw/ and 2.4 in /usr for Solaris Express/Nevada.


From: Robert Sayre (Oct 20 2006, at 22:08)



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