This is the latest paperback from Neil Gaiman. I read it on the plane back from DC and it’s good enough that I had to sit up late doing some work that I’d planned for the plane. Gaiman’s novels don’t Shift the Mass Understanding Of The Human Condition or Plumb The Depths Of Postmodern Subtextuality, but the people in them are always real interesting and the things that happen to them are entertaining and plausible (well, in the sense that stories which routinely involve gods and alternate universes and the working of magic can be plausible). He’s got a decent blog too.


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From: Greg (Oct 08 2006, at 09:37)

Do you mean "Anansi Boys" rather than "Anansi's Children"? I can find no reference to a Neil Gaiman book named "Anansi's Children" but I did just finish reading "Anansi Boys."


From: Tim Bray (Oct 08 2006, at 12:02)

Oops, right, thanks.


From: Jan Moren (Oct 08 2006, at 19:30)

It's a good guess you've already read it, of course, but just in case you haven't, the Gaiman novel "American Gods" is loosely a prequel of sorts, and very good as well.


From: Postmodern Sass (Oct 08 2006, at 23:42)

Did you say it's postmodern? :-)

Joking aside, your comments on the book are helpful. I am on the committee at that university where I teach (you know the one) that's responsible for choosing next year's "campus reading program" title. Anansi Boys is on our long list. The review copies should start arriving this week, and I get first pick. I am a total book slut, but with 80 titles, I need some manner of discrimination. So, thank you.


From: Dare Obasanjo (Oct 09 2006, at 07:52)

Is the book still good if you haven't read "American Gods" where a number of the characters were introduced?


From: Christian Mogensen (Oct 10 2006, at 08:03)

You can totally enjoy "Anansi Boys" without having read "Gods" first. It stands quite well on its own two feet. "Gods" is a prequel more in theme and it shares some characters - but "Anansi Boys" introduces everyone you need to know quite well.

Having read "Gods" first might give you an extra smile or two - but that's about the extent of it. Anasi is quite funny on enough its own.


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