1700mm, 256kg. That’d be the Zeiss Apo Sonnar T* 4/1700. Oh my goodness gracious.


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From: Ryan Cousineau (Oct 02 2006, at 21:25)

That's quite a lens. I'm reminded, though, of Mike Johnston's "Uses and Applications of 35mm lenses." http://photo.net/mjohnston/column57/

"1200mm: no known uses"

Okay, yes, if I'm doing my calculations correctly, this 1400mm lens would have the coverage of a 700 on a 35mm camera, but then I suppose the real limitations of this wonder of lens-grinding are its price and size.


From: Carlos (Oct 03 2006, at 17:17)

This is offtopic, but...

Commenting doesn't work in IE (specifically IE6 in XP SP2). There's some kind of javascript error. And with javascript disabled your site is somewhat mysterious; comments appear but there seems to be no way of posting them.


From: Josh Peters (Oct 03 2006, at 20:58)

That thing is a torpedo! Is it used for doing macro photos of ants three miles away?


From: Hanan Cohen (Oct 04 2006, at 13:00)

They don't say a word about the tripod, or whatever carries it.

Since it's designed for taking wildlife photography, it must be mounted on a vehicle. But you cannot drive when the lens is mounted because of the shaking and vibrations, so it must be kept in a box and then mounted before taking the photos. Hence, a need for a small crane or something.

Life is too complicated!


From: Nobody Nowhere (Oct 04 2006, at 16:27)

Quick! Buy some v1agr@!

(I just want to see the anti-spam questions)


From: Ed Davies (Oct 06 2006, at 04:10)

Silly size of lens, but quite a reasonable telescope. Actually, the difference between a camera lens and a normal refracting telescope (without the eyepiece) is more a matter of mind-set than optics.


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