So sad to hear that Craig died. (He doesn’t have a Wikipedia entry, someone who knew him better than I should make one.) I owe Craig a lot; I was one of the people who came to the Web from a mostly-publishing-tech background, and liked it the moment I saw it. It may sound weird now, but a lot of publishing people hated it and fought it, because it didn’t do WYSIWYG and you couldn’t exercise fine control over font leading and image bleeds and so on. Craig put me on stage at the Seybold conference time after time—it was the centre of the publishing-tech world then—to tell people that this thing was OK, that they could still be designers, they just had to live with losing control over size and shape, that typography and color and white space still mattered. I don’t know, frankly, if it did the audiences any good, but the conversations I had there sure helped me. Craig was a good man.

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September 04, 2006
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