Most people would generally prefer a climate where it’s bright and warm most of the time. But for Canadians and others who live where it’s not, there are compensations, and one is the experience of spring. I have a picture.

Pear blossoms against cherry blossoms

The blossoms are pear in the foreground, cherry behind.

After all the months of 50° North Latitude winter—icy-sharp in most of Canada, wet and dark here in Vancouver—the soul, the spirit, and the libido all spring to life when the sun comes back. We’ve had a solid year of crappy weather, but this last Saturday through Monday were solidly summery, bright and warm; and in this season the days are already long and each gets longer so fast you can feel it.

On the back porch, our pear tree’s branches were silhouetted against the neighbors’ big wild old cherry; the cherry yields no edible fruit but who cares, it’s beautiful tree any time of year.

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April 26, 2006
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